Quicksticks Leadership Course

The Quicksticks Leadership Course is a 3 hour practical workshop that introduces the 4 a side introductory game of hockey.


Quicksticks can be played on any surface, and uses a larger, lighter and safer ball.

The game is designed in a way that makes it easy for teachers and coaches to deliver, even if they have little or no prior knowledge of hockey.


Quicksticks is fun, fast, safe and exciting and has been designed so that teachers with little or no hockey knowledge or background can deliver the game.


The course objectives are as follows:

Introduction of Quicksticks

To understand how Quicksticks is played

To understand how the resources work – Curriculum Resource and Challenge Cards

To ensure safe practice in the delivery of Quicksticks

Increase confidence of teachers/community sports coaches to deliver Quickstick


The content and training provides a basic overview and introduction to each of the modules below: 

1. Introduction to Leadership/Coaching 

2. Delivery of Quicksticks

3. Umpiring Quicksticks 

4. Quicksticks Team Manager 

5. Quicksticks Festivals 


All Coaches/Teachers will come away with a drop box link full of useful resources to help with delivery for quicksticks sessions and festivals including checklists, example plans and risk assessments.