Secondary Schools Rush Hockey

Hurricane Sports have teamed up with Lindum Hockey Club to deliver rush hockey in the local secondary schools.


Hurricane Sports delivered Rush Hockey to 350 secondary school children aged 14-16 from September - December 2012, each child took part in a minimum of 6 hours of rush hockey activity over a minimum 6 week period.



Hockey is now played less in Schools and Colleges, these sessions are aimed at giving players and non players the chance to particpate in hockey.


Rush Hockey provides a flexible and accessible option for this market which has been developed to appeal to the 14-19+ year age group.


Schools often do not particpate in hockey due to the fact they have no facility available, rush hockey does not  need to be played on astroturf it can be played indoors or outdoors (grass or concrete). 


It is hoped that through providing an alternative format of the game, children will be engaged in these fun sessions with the slight edge of competition.

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