Terms and Conditions

COVID 19 Heighington Booking Guidelines 



Parents guidelines

When booking a session please consider the following: -

·       All under 18 participants will need to be accompanies by (only) one parent to comply with safeguarding rules.

·       The toilets on site are open but a member of staff will need to clean after each use so please inform a staff member.

·       Parents need to book all participants and themeselves into each session 

·       All parents will be required to be in attendance of the sessions on site 

·       Whilst waiting for your session to start all Parents and Participants should stay in vehicles this will allow those ending their sessions to leave without compromising social distancing rules.

·       Coaches will invite you and your son/daughter into the pitch when they are ready, and the site is safe.



Participants guidelines

·       Participants should bring their own water bottle and take it home with them

·       Participants will stay 2m away from other participants and where possible play activities in family bubbles

·       Players should not touch any other than that given to them on arrival

·       Players should avoid where possible contacting the gates or fences around the entrances

·       The exit route is through the far gate to avoid the next participants.

·       Players will use handwash before and after sessions


Coach guidelines

·       Coaches will be the only person in their session to handle equipment

·       Coaches will use handwash before and after sessions

·       Coaches will be responsible for the maintenance of the guidelines during the sessions, they have the authority to remove a player for breach of these rules

·       Coaches will invite all participants to the playing area only after the previous session has finished and equipment has been cleaned

·       Equipment will be disinfected after use and replaced for the next session