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COVID 19 Booking Guidelines 


Requirements for Hockey coaching – May 2020

The following requirements are based on Government guidelines and in line with England Hockey’s guidelines and in conjunction with site rules during this period of social distancing. If the guidelines are not followed, then all sessions are at risk on site. If parents, players and coaches can follow these guidelines then we can have great sessions and finally get hockey!


Parents guidelines

When booking a session with one of the coaches please consider the following: -

·       All under 18 participants will need to be accompanies by (only) one parent to comply with safeguarding rules.

·       All participants must be signed up to the England Hockey Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions. Non completion will result in your booking being cancelled

·       Parents that have to bring an additional sibling should consider whether it is appropriate to book a session

·       All parents will be required to wait for the duration of the session outside of the Artificial Pitch and maintain the minimum distance for social distancing of 2m

·       Parents or under 18s and/or those living with a person with an underlying medical condition should NOT book sessions.

·       Whilst waiting for your session to start all Parents and Participants should stay in vehicles this will allow those ending their sessions to leave without compromising social distancing rules.

·       Coaches will invite you and your son/daughter into the pitch when they are ready, and the site is safe.

·       We only have permission to use the hockey pitch and its immediate environment, the rest of the site is closed to customers.


Players guidelines

·       Players should maintain at least 2m from the coach when possible

·       Players should bring their own water bottle and take it home with them

·       Players should not spit

·       Players should not touch balls, or any other equipment used for the session other than their own stick

·       Players should avoid where possible contacting the gates or fences around the entrances

·       Players should not enter or exit through any other gate on the pitch other then the one to their fenced off area

·       The exit route is through the far gate to avoid the next participants.

·       Players will use handwash before and after sessions


Coach guidelines

·       Coaches will be the only person in their session to handle equipment

·       Coaches will use handwash before and after sessions

·       Coaches will be responsible for the maintenance of the guidelines during the sessions, they have the authority to remove a player for breach of these rules

·       Coaches will invite the next player to the pitch only after the previous player has left the Pitch and alleyway and is on the way to the car park


·       Equipment will be disinfected after use and replaced for the next session